Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor

Adult Finger Clip Spo2 Sensor:


1.6pin Probe.

2.Specification: Gray TPU wire with a total length of 2700mm.

3.MSI sensors can provide spliter type extension cable and short probe cable.

4.Patient side including clamp type,finger stall type,bundled type and silicone finger stall.Clamp and finger stall can be used for adult and children.

Product Structure:

1.This product is made by the instrument end connectors. Transmission cables, sensing probe.

2.The sensor used for the United States imported high precision sensor.

3.The Cable used for high strength double alloy special medical cable.

4.Materials used for medical TPU, biological intermiscibility standards.

Product performance:

1.SPO2 testing range: 70%-100%.

2.SPO2 testing precision: 90%-100%±1%,70%-89±2%.

3.Oximetry test range: 30-245bpm.

4.Oximetry test precision : ±3bpm.

Product Feature:

1. Use of special conductor with outstanding performance of data transmission.

2.High shielding antistatic and low noise.

3.High bending strength, persistent used.

4.Superior anti-aging performance.

5. Latex free.

6.Jacket can be as the medical level, PVC,TPR,TPE,TPU,PTFE,silicone.

7.Probe connection process for test results is also very important, soft mat all pass calibration tests to ensure that the location of the detection device of transmitter and receiver are accurate.