EKG/EEG/EMG Muscle Electrode Cable with Alligator Clips

Product Specifications:

1.Product Name:EKG/EEG/EMG Muscle Electrode Cable.

2.Conductor Material: BC/TC or Customized.

3.Connector: 3.5MM Stereo Plug+ Alligator Clip.

4.Connector Material:Gold-plated /Nickel-plated with 24/48 hours Salt Spray Test.

5.Jacket Material:PVC/TPE/TPU/PU or Customized.

6. Color: Orange or Customized Color.

7.Cable Guage: 28WG or Customized.

8.Shield: Sprial /Braid/AL or Customized.

9.Cable Hardness:Ultrasoft/General Hardness or Customized Hardness.

10.Cable OD: OD3.5MM or Customize.

11.Cable Length:1200MM or Customized.

12. Aplication: Human Body Muscle.

Electronic Test:

1.100% Open & Short test.

2.Contact Resistance: 2.0 Ohm.

3.Insulation Resistance: 10M Ohm /DC300V /0.01S.