Gel Electrode Pads

Product name: Gel electrode pad
model: 20170303-ZHT
material: Non-woven fabric / conductive silicone
socket: 2.0 mm / 2.5 mm
Pad size: Customize
Use the Times. 30-40 times
Please use the parts: Whole body can post, stick on the skin, it is suitable pounding.Especially for uneven skin, massage, physical therapy, when you help to acupuncture, therapy device is used in the above can do
Tackiness: Better between peers (the hospital is using this)
application: Household, medical, hospital, beauty

Using Instructions:

1. Use the skin surface should be routinelyclean, after remove dirt, perspiration, make the electrode plate and treatmentinstrument correct connection,peel off the protective film, paste in thetreatment area, then you can boot to conventional treatment.After treatmentfinish, shutdown machine first and pull out lead wire plug, peel off theelectrode plate, paste protective film, properly preserved and prepare for nexttime re-use.

Self-adhesive Electrode Plate:

1. Self-adhesive electrode plate have astrong adhesion to the skin, it's safe, reliable, reusable.Suitable for alltypes of high, medium and end-frequency medical home care physical therapyequipment.Can design shape, silk trademarks and pattern as required.Self-adhesiveelectrode plate is a consumable, please take care of using.It is recommended toprepare a few pairs.Storage temperature at 10 ℃ -40 ℃.

Using Times of Electrode Plate:

1. The electrode plate using times have arelationship with human skin cleanliness and oily.So before using, had betterwash skin with soap first (alcohol can also). By cleaning theskin, you can achieve better results, improve electrode plate using time.Aftereach use,put the electrode plate back into the original packaging bag, placethe shade.If the electrode plate has a little drying, you can use a few dropsof water to make it wet,to do so can increase using lifetime of electrodeplate.