Physical therapy of electrodes

Massage stick method of use:

When using the site should be routinely clean skin surface, wipe dry, remove dirt, perspiration, massage stick with therapeutic wires connected correctly, jie to massage stick protective film, paste in the treatment area, can be turned on to conventional treatment.Every time after treatment, the first shut down first and then the wires plug, peeling the massage stick, put a protective film, properly kept, arrange another time to use again.

Electrodes product introduction:

Adhesive type of electrodes from sticky type of electrodes and skin adhesion, safe and reliable, reusable and other characteristics, suitable for all kinds of high, middle, bottom frequency medical family health care physical therapy instrument.Can design according to the shape, silk screen logo and pattern.

The use of electrodes number:

The number of use of electrodes, and the purity of the human body skin and oily, so before use, it's best to use clean skin (alcohol can also).By cleaning the skin, can achieve better use effect, improve the use of electrodes.After each use, put electrodes back original packaging bags, placed the shade.