physiotherapy electrode slice

physical therapy equipment electrode plate

Product specification

1. Product name: 4 * 4 non-woven electrode slice

2. Product model: 16113003-hhf662

3. Product specifications: 40 * 40 mm

4. Product weight: 5 g/piece

5. Electrode slice size: 2.0 mm

6. Suitable for all kinds of medium and low frequency instrument.

7. Under the condition of skin clean viscous repeatedly used 100 times.

8. No peculiar smell,

electrode slice use tips:

Suitable for all kinds of high, medium and low frequency medical family health care physical therapy instrument, has good conductivity, strong adhesion with skin, safe and reliable, reusable, etc.

Electrodes and convenience to use, quality of a material is thin, soft, attached with a tight, adhesive and reliable, uniform conductive, treatment of comfort, safety, no tingling tugging, no burns, use for a long time did not see any harmful stimulus or allergic reaction, properly kept, can be used repeatedly.