Self-adhesive Replacement Gel Pads for Electronic Pulse Stimulators

Designed for use with our TrangMed TENS Electronic Pulse Stimulator system, these TrangMed self-adhesive replacement gel pads will help relieve sore, aching muscles. Self-adhesive gel pads are safe for natural pain relief and TENS therapy on neck and shoulders, arms and legs, upper and lower back, waist even soles of feet and hands. Includes 10 reusable pads with electrode connectors. Enjoy up to 80 uses per pad. Includes user guide. For best results, clean skin with alcohol before applying. Rinse and airdry pads after each use to maintain adhesive. Each pad measures approx. 1 1/2" x 1 1/2". Made of biocompatible gel, carbon film, cloth backing and connectors. Use only with TrangMed Stimulator TENS unit (sold separately).