What's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping With Headphones and Chargers at Its Event? Do You Feel Apple Stingy or Astute ?

Oct. 16,2020

Chargers and earphones are not included in the box (www.trangjan.com

What's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping W

Some of the measures taken by Apple may make some consumers feel uncomfortable, because the new iPhone 12 series model box will not include a charger or earphone, but it will include a new higher-power charging cable. Apple explained that it is aimed at making the packaging box smaller, lighter, and more environmentally friendly. The company will sell two types of chargers at a price between 20 and 50 dollars. 

According to the US economic network reported that after the new iPhone 12 model was in public, Apple's stock price rosed by 6.4% on the 12th and then fell by more than 2% in local time. 

Over the years, Apple has removed lots from the iPhone.

2016 iPhone 7: No headphone jack.

2017 iPhone X: No home button

2020 iPhone 12: There are no headphones and no charger in the box.


iPhone 12: The benefits of unequipping with the charger. 

1.For Apple, there may be many reasons about why it does not equip the iPhone 12 with a charger. For example, on the one hand, it could alleviate the cost increasing caused by application of the 5G modem and could control the final sales price of the iPhone 12 within a reasonable range by saving the cost of the charger. On ther other hand, it is able to reduce electronic waste and promote environmental protection. After all, there are already countless electronic wastes in the world. 

2.For some manufacturers and tranding companies, there are huge business opportunities. Especially for Trangjan( www.trangjan.com ), a large-scale modern manufacturer integrating R&D, design, production, sales and service, it is in the top 30% factories in the fields manufacturing MFi certified accessories, cables, chargers, earphones, as welll as related consumer electronics in China. We have established good business relations with many well-known brands, such as Wal-Mart, Xiaomi, Samsung, DJI, etc.

iPhone 12 series: How do users react for unequipping with the charger?

1. If I only buy a mobile phone, it means that the mobile phone may not work properly. At the moment, the iPhone 12 series only equipped with a Type-C to Lighting cable. That's to say, if you are used to be an Android phone user, it is likely that you do not have a Type-C interface charger. At this time, if you only buy a mobile phone, then the mobile phone cannot be used normally. 

2. There is a very dazzling halo for Apple —Environmental protection. But in fact, environmental protection is not totally helpful for consumers. For example, the lightning cable was easily damaged and stained because of the using of environmental-friendly materials. And that increased the cost in manufacturing the lightning cables. Although Apple’s idea and purposer are good, the existence of undurable and expensive lightning cable has also stimulated the development of the inferior market for the cables. There are also serious security risks for users.(Safety and high quality, they are the major factors that we always have long-term and fundamental relations with our customers.)

About MFI

What's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping W

Therefore, Apple launched the MFI certification program. Apple has laid out the MFI certification program for many years and has established cooperative relationships with some famous domestic companies and factories. 

Our factory, Dongguan Trangjan Industrial Co,ltd, is also one of the first domestic manufacturers certified with MFi. For the third-party accessories certified by MFi, Apple requires that their functions should be consistent with the originals and meet the standards of Apple about their reliability and stability. To be frankly, the third-party accessories certified by Apple can be comparable to original products, or even better. More importantly, the price of MFi certified accessories is more competitive.

For example, the selling price of the latest chargers, usb cables and earphones for the iPhone 12 series we are producing is far below the price of the original.

What's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping WWhat's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping WWhat's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping W

Dongguan Trangjan Industrial Co,ltd(www.trangjan.com

What's Your Feeling About the iPhone 12 Series Unequipping W

Author : Carolyn Zhang


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