High quality ECG cable 2 leads snap with mini usb connector

 Product Name :Mini Usb to 3 ECG Medical Snap Cable

 Product Model :HHF-t66218092101

 Conductor Material :BC/TC/CCS/SC/CCCS/Enamelled Wire ect.  

Connector Material:Gold-plated /Nickel-plated with 24/48hours Salt Spray Test. 

Jacket Material:PVC/TPE/TPU/PU or Customized. 

Core Wire Material:PVC/PE/HDPE or Customized 

Cable Guage:30AWG/28AWG//26AWG/24AWG/22AWG or Customized 

Shield :No Shield or Braid/AL/Sprial or Customized 

Cable Hardness:Ultrasoft/General Hardness or Customized Hardness 

Cable OD: 3.0MM/3.5MM/4.0MM/4.5MM or Customized

Cable Length:0.2M/0.3M/0.5M/1M/2M/3M or Customized 

Mould Types:Moulding Types with Pre