Oscilloscope probe high-pressure CP - 3308R

Comprehensive use 4.0 Φ single steel wire, more safe and more durable.

The complete accessory bag can satisfy the research and development use.

Ultra-high pressure: 2000 peak AC

High impedance: 100 m Ω

Ultra-high frequency width: 300 MHZ

Large attenuation ratio: 100 times

Read function: low noise

Fixed damping ratio can prevent when measuring high voltage, destroy the oscilloscope for toggle switch.

High input impedance, more can make feel the lightest load effect, the object under test and measure the real value rather than a fake like after parallel effect.

X100 attenuation can extend the range of oscilloscope measurement, make originally the maximum input vp - 400 p to 400 vp - p.

Note: if the required measuring more than 2000 v voltage, please switch to HPV - 15 hf will more accord with the demand of you.