Universal One-piece 3 Lead Wire ECG Cable Clip Type

Product Introduction:


1.ECG Cable Length: 2700MM.

2.Patient Terminal Connector: Clip or Snap.

3. Jacket Material: TPU,Silica or as required.

4.Aplication: Suitable for ECG monitor, ECG signal transmission of ECG/EEG machine.

Product Feature:

1.For adults and children.

2.By connecting different connector, can be compatible with all monitor.

3.Fast and simple connection to the electrode position.Electrode connector color with clear mark,flexible, durable, and easier to clean.

4.Can provide comprehensive shielding patient lead and lead wire.

5.Ultra-thin injection type snap and clip connect to electrodes, bring comfortable and safe for patients.

6.There are double screen, minimizing interference and noise.

7.Lead wire using TPU material, make the product appear more soft, comfortable and elastic.

8.Compared with PVC Jacket lead wire, more wear-resisting ,live longer, more secure no skin irritation.

Product Structure:

1.Cable: Dual alloy special medical cable.

2.Shield: Medical conductive PVC+196/0.1 nylon braided, shielding strength is more than 95%.

3.Electrode snap: Shrapnel using 0.1 copper plating, high elasticity, the lifetime is more than 30000 times, adopt imported brass ,nickel plating on surface.

4.Jacket: Medical TPU.

Product Performance:

1.Insulating Property:The ECG Cable core and core,core and shielding,insulation resistance between the core and sheath is greater than 100MΩ,test voltage is 1500VDC.

2.Dielectric Strength: ECG Cable core and core,core and shielding,conductor and jacket applied AC 3000V±10%( effective value),50HZ voltage,min,direct current DC5000V±10%,1s,eakage current <0.25MA.

3.Bending Performance: ECG Cable bending 30000 times, lead wire bent 10000 times, any two conductors, or between a conductor and shield won't appear broken circuit, short circuit or open circuit,conductor skin won't appear rupture phenomenon,signal transmission performance is not affected.